Chorizo & Sausages

Dry cured Spanish style chorizo. Soft texture for excellent cooking.
Size: 7oz/200g
Origin: Made in the USA
Quantity/case: 20

Absolutely mouthwatering mini-chorizo links; perfect for cooking or snacking.
Size: 1Lb/454g
Origin: Made in the USA
Quantity/case: 10

4 pack of Catalan Sausage, perfect for on the grill or adding to traditional stews.
Size: 16.5oz/468g
Origin: Made in the USA
Quanatity/case: 10

Authentic Sobrasada, a spreadable sausage made of Iberico pork. Slightly spicy and all natural. A new way to enjoy your iberico chorizo. We prefer it heated slightly and spread on toast.
Size: 5oz/142g
Origin: Salamanca, Spain
Quantity/case: 16

Rich with the finest Spanish Pimenton, this soft chorizo-style meat is our new favorite, and certain to become your favorite as well.
Size: 1Lb/450g
Origin: Made in the USA
Quantity/case: 10

Cabecero is the top loin of the Ibérico pig cured 90 days and produced with paprika. The smoky paprika balances the intense flavor of the pork. Tender and flavorful, it melts in your mouth.
Size: approx. 1.32Lbs/598g
Origin: Andalucia, Spain
Quantity/case: 2