100% Natural soup best served chilled. Made with a centuries-old recipe using the finest Spanish cucumber, tomatoes, and peppers, this tasty recipe will soon become your favorite.
Size: 25.57oz/725g
Origin: Barcelona, Spain
Quantity/case: 6

This gazpacho is made with ecological vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, and is currently the gazpacho with the highest vegetable content on the market (95.7%). Gluten free. Refrigerate after opening.
Size: 33.31fl.oz/1L
Origin: Almeria, Spain
Quantity/case: 10

Pickled Garlic that is mild and tangy as well as sweet and zesty.
Size: 8.47oz/240g net - 5.29oz/150g drained
Origin: Zaragoza, Spain
Quantity/case: 12

The famous “Piparra” pepper is grown in Spain’s Basque Country. The use of an organic vinegar provides a pleasant note, which allows the pepper’s sweetness to stand out.
Size: 71.2oz/2020g net-29.63oz/840g Drained
Origin: Usurbil, Spain
Quantity/case: 4

Whole acorn-fire roasted pimentos del piquillo. These large, firm, whole peppers are the very best quality we have found for using in recipes because their texture holds up to cooking well.
Size: 6.5oz/185g net
Origin: Navarra, Spain
Quantity/case: 12